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Every action has consequences

Globally, humanity is facing a huge problem with ocean pollution. Our seas already contain a group of five islands, which are comprised solely of plastic waste. The largest of these five islands, known as the Pacific Garbage Patch, can be found floating in the Pacific Ocean and is already bigger than central Europe. Unfortunately for mankind, these plastic islands are growing at a phenomenal rate, and will sooner or later completely take over our oceans.

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But why is it happening?

To bring light to the issue of ever increasing plastic pollution, we decided to dig deeper into the psychology of a person who litters. Our findings showed us that one of the main reasons people litter is not because they want to destroy the planet, but is rather because they do not directly see the consequences of their actions right away.

So what did we do?

We created an occasion whereby we surprised unsuspecting beach litterbugs by catching them in the act of littering and then broadcasting the consequences of their actions in an unsuspecting yet insightful way.

Facts and Figures:

water bottle 0

The amount of plastic pieces floating in every square-kilometer of our oceans.

time 0

The number of years it takes for a plastic bottle to decompose in the ocean.


The number of oceanic species, such as turtles and birds, which are affected by oceanic plastic pollution.


The number of marine animals killed each year as a result of plastic bag pollution.

Who are we?

One Earth - One Ocean

Dedicated to a better world

We are One Earth - One Ocean. A Dynamic group of people dedicated to protecting our environment and keeping our precious oceans clean and pollution free.


  • Günther Bonin

    Managing Director & Founder

    One Earth - One Ocean

    Günther Bonin, 57, is a passionate sailor and ocean lover, who for years has been sailing the world’s seas. Being on the oceans so much, Günther felt it a personal responsibility of his to clean up the mess others so often ignore. This passion for clean oceans led Günther on the path to creating an NGO dedicated to keeping our oceans clean, resulting in the 2011 creation of One Earth – One Ocean.

What do we want?

our mission


    Our mission is to stop the degradation of our planet's aquatic life, and build a future in which humans can live in harmony with our oceans. We are always working to ensure that one of our most precious natural resources, our oceans, are managed sustainably and equitably, in order for it to thrive in not only our generation, but also the generations to come.


    We want to point out the severe situation our oceans face when it comes to plastic pollution, by highlighting the disastrous consequences of littering, and raising public awareness across the globe.


    Through innovative partnerships combined with direct-action tactics we investigate, document, and take action when necessary to expose and confront pollution activities in the world’s oceans. By applying the latest technologies in the fight against ocean pollution, we are able to retrieve plastic waste from the deep ocean floor, sort it, crush it, and put it into recycled production.

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